Rory Slatko

The Crazy Cat Lady Note


Rory Slatko is the direct descendant of the notorious Ukranian gangster Mykola Slatkovavich, who was second only to Al Capone in rum running and bootlegging in prohibition-era Chicago. From this dark past the Slatkovaviches shortened their name and attempted to escape this unwanted notoriety. But it was to no avail as Rory Slatko picked up his great grandfather’s work, delving deep into the criminal underground. After being paired with an ex-high school chemistry teacher, Slatko became one of the largest producers and distributors of illegal substances in the entire southwest, bringing him into multiple confrontations with Mexican drug cartels and the Turkish mobster Keyser Söze (They say Keyser Söze only became fictional after his encounter with Slatko). After the life-changing experience of travelling the universe as the Doctor’s companion during a post-high school gap year (cue Whovians), Rory has replaced his devotion to the criminal underground with the soaring and sensuous harmonies of an all male vocal group. Although Rory’s infamy is merely a legend of the past, assembled through multiple requests via the Freedom of Information Act, it is in your best interest to stand at least five feet behind him and never look directly into his eyes.

Nickname                         The Cat
Joined                         Spring 2013
Year                         Junior
Voice Part                         Tenor
Solos                         My Best Friend’s Girl, Fun. Medley
Affiliations                          Advisory Neighborhood Commission, NACURH, Inc.

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