Hugh Raup

The Nautical Note

Born on a ship in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, Hugh Raup successfully navigated his vessel Nepenthes home to Chicago as an infant. It was there that he established himself as one of the University of Chicago’s best students. Graduating as valedictorian a mere month after enrolling, Hugh decided to sail down to Washington D.C. to start his next ventures. After acting audiences to tears in theaters all across the city he decided to move to Maryland to sail the Chesapeake and single handedly save the oyster population which, before his miraculous arrival, was in danger. After sailing the Chesapeake for 4 years he finally came across Blackbeards buried treasure. He decided to use this newfound gold to return to DC and enroll at AU to finish some unfinished business. He is currently writing the memoirs of his life to be titled: As it were.

Nickname Mr. Raup, Mrs. Raup, Mr. & Mrs. Raup, Miriam, Yolanda B. Jenkinson, Kendrick, Criminal, Crusty Crab, Cripple Crab, Crab Cakes, General Custer, General Cruster, Hugh Raup a**crack, Tilda Swinton
Joined Fall 2014
Year Senior
Voice Part Bass
Solos Classic (Rap), You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch.

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