Jackson Bedbury

The Enigmatic Note

Jackson Bedbury hails from the far west. Born and raised in a treehouse in Oregon he learned how to hunt and survive in the wild at an early age, and eventually became one of the world’s most renowned wilderness men (his most famous pupils are Bear Grylls and Lewis and Clark). Bedbury spent some time globetrotting and after summiting Everest at the tender age of eight, he decided to give the credit instead to his dear friend Edmund Hillary (Hillary needed a win). Bedbury’s interests have shifted in recent years, mainly to fashion, analogue photography, all things ever aired on BBC, and cats.  His ideal date is alone in a forest with a nice bottle of bourbon.

Nickname Slappy, Flappy, Flapjack
Joined Spring 2014
Year Senior
Voice Part Tenor
Solos Sweet Escape, NickTunes Medley (Sweet Victory), Take Me To Church, Give Me Love/The Parting Glass, Burnin’ Up, Amy Winehouse Medly (Back to Black)