Jared Buto

The Oceanic Note

17016334_10211928555511938_1753662595_oGrowing up on the island of Oahu, Jared often found pleasure in swimming with dolphins and riding on the backs of whales. One day, he fell asleep and woke up hours later to find that his whale had taken him to Washington, DC. Upon arriving in Washington, DC, Jared’s first instinct was to find shelter. With his quick wit and keen sense of intuition, Jared was able to sneak into the American University undergraduate class of 2018 and pose as an International Studies major, before realizing later that International Studies wasn’t really for him, so he would later switch to Economics. Now, Jared can be found playing volleyball and listening to the sickest music, waiting for the day he can finally return home to his dolphins and whales.

Nickname None (Yet)
Joined Spring 2017
Year Senior
Voice Part Tenor 2
Solos None (Yet)
Arrangements None (Yet)