Niall Martin

The Sweet Note

Ever since he was hatched in the great utopia of Madison, WI, Niall Martin has always been a warm soul. His family always knew that he was going places when in the third grade his report card said he was “learning to tolerate others” with a B for effort. While mostly unsuccessful throughout middle school with the ladies, Niall struck gold in the 8th grade after forcibly teaching himself how to play “Bella’s Lullaby” on the piano. Niall has an array of useless talents at his disposal that include, being able to solve a Rubik’s cube in a minute, possessing a double-jointed jaw, an ability to identify different types of cheese and deli meats, not gaining any body fat, and being his school’s spelling bee champion in the fourth grade only to get out on the word “believe”. Just goes to you show you kids, you can go anywhere if you just “b-e-l-e-a-v-e” in yourself.

Nickname Banana Chips
Joined Fall 2013
Year Senior
Voice Part Baritone, Bass
Solos Let It Go (Disney Medley), Hey Ya, Can’t Sleep Love, Somewhere Only We Know
Arrangements NickTunes Medley, Cheating, Born to Run, My Best Friend’s Girl, Burnin’ Up, Give Me Love, Keep Your Head Up