Nick McCauley

The Flawless Note17671253_1469475499738806_443867140_n.jpg

Born and raised in Motown,
“Notorious N.I.C.K.” McCauley discovered his passion for singing at 3 years old when he stood up on his little chunky legs one day and began belting out the theme song to Barney and Friends in key. Since then—with the hype up of his family and friends—Nick has become the best-selling new artist of 2017 with his album Stairway to Flawlessness, featuring the hit single “Lick that Lollipop” and the groundbreaking ballad “Need You In My DM’s”. When he’s not working on his own career or songwriting and producing for the likes of Beyoncé, The Weekend, Drake and Sia (ya’ll know she never wrote her own stuff anyway) he attends the KOGOD business school at American University studying business and IR because he knows his education is the most valuable thing in the universe.


Nickname Nicky Nick, Thick Nick
Joined Spring 2017
Year Sophomore
Voice Part Tenor
Solos “I’ll Make Love to You”
Arrangements None (Yet)