Patrick Kavanagh

The Intro Note

Patrick has been acapella-ing his whole life. As you will notice, Patrick enjoys taking his shirt off. He is best known for being the member of OASN with the softest hair. He has an obsession with beluga whales. Like seriously, the most amazing freaking animal ever. Patrick hails from the mythical land of New Jersey (never heard of it, right?). Patrick is thrilled to own an outfit that does not include basketball shorts. Feel free to approach him and touch his hair at anytime. He will welcome you with a most amazing hug, and then talk to you about the latest episode of the Bachelorette. That’s right, ladies, he’s your dream.


Nickname P-Kav, Patty Kavs
Joined Fall 2013
Year Senior
Voice Part Bass
Solos It Wasn’t Me (Rap), Poison (Rap), Under The Sea (Disney Medley)
Arrangements Sweet Escape, Classic, Uptown Funk