Sean Reynolds

The Nugget Note

Contrary to popular belief, Sean was raised by Martians on a distant planet called Highland Park, Illinois. When he’s not making omelets or hanging out with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sean loves to sit at the piano and attempt to play The Office’s theme song. He found out at a very young age that he is in fact colorblind and can only see the color periwinkle. This led him to achieve great things such as being the first male to walk on his tippy toes for 24 consecutive hours. Sean loves to sing songs strictly written by George W. Bush and is beyond excited to be singing with the fine men of On a Sensual Note. Also – Hugh Raup was here. He is a fish.

Nickname Alfred Jenkinson III, Hugh Raup
Joined Fall 2014
Year Junior
Voice Part Tenor
Solos Superstition, NickTunes Medley (Zoey 101), Sugar We’re Going Down, Amy Winehouse Medly (Rehab), Cake By the Ocean, Grace Kelly, Stand by Me (Beautiful Girl), Closer, Sign Sealed Delivered
Arrangements  Amy Winehouse Medley, At Last

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