Matt Winton

The Beautiful-est Note

Matt Winton hails from the rolling southern lands of Nashville, Tennessee. Shown the path of manhood by Ron Swanson since the age of 3, Matt is the epitome of a true southern gentleman. He has a deep love for coffee, roaring fireplaces, and secluded mountain getaways. Majoring in Business and Entertainment, Matt will gladly talk your ear off about the music he loves and then promptly ask what you listen to. If you see Matt sneeze when walking into direct sunlight (literally every time), do not be alarmed. This is normal. Complete with razor sharp cheekbones, a beaming smile, windblown hair, and hugs that you will write home to Mom about, Matt will sweep you off your feet and then absentmindedly hum to himself.

Nickname Wonton, Wintonian
Joined Fall 2015
Year Junior
Voice Part Baritone
Solos Twist & Shout, Runaround Sue